Guest: Dr. Mark Sherwood drops bombs about corruption in our government and in the church...

Dr. Mark is a certified Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and both he and his wife Michele L. Neil-Sherwood, Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) founded the Functional Medical Institute, a full-time wellness-based medical practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Sherwood and his wife have adopted a whole-person approach, which is outcome-based and looks at each individual’s unique needs. Their goal is to lead people down a pathway of true healing. To that end, there are two purposes: First, to eradicate all self-imposed, choice-driven disease conditions. Second, to eliminate the usage of unnecessary medications. Through their unique clinic, various diagnostic tests are used, healing and prevention of common disease patterns are the norm. He firmly believes that “each person has an awesome destiny and purpose in life, which can be revealed only through the pursuit of total wellness.”

He is also a 24-year retired veteran of the Tulsa Police Department, where he logged a decade of courageous service on the department’s SWAT Team. During his tenure, he exemplified his willingness to be the FIRST one to go through the door and face whatever was on the other side. His time on the SWAT TEAM also solidified in him the instinct to run towards the shots and not away from them.

He is a former Oklahoma state and regional bodybuilding champion, and ex-professional baseball player. Additionally, Dr. Mark traveled the world for over 10 years with the world-famous Power Team. Also, Dr. Mark is a motivational speaker whose presentations are sought by audiences nationwide.

The Sherwoods have co-authored three Amazon #1 best-selling books together: The Quest for Wellness, Fork Your Diet, and Surviving the Garden of Eatin’. They have been seen on national TV, been quoted on CNN, featured on CBN, and are regular contributors of many national publications. Their full-length movie, Fork Your Diet, has over 15 million minutes viewed in the US and UK. Their second motion picture, The Prayer List, was just released worldwide. Their most recent film, WWJR, is set for release Easter 2022.

Dr. Mark Sherwood is about LEADERSHIP and NOT POLITICS. He believes in Oklahoma first policies and a secure and self-sustaining state. Not a state that is cripplingly dependent on an ever more oppressive and bloated federal government. Oklahoma needs a leader who is willing to face controversy head on. Let it not be said that we were silent as Oklahoma and America crumbled. Let it not be said that we stood by and did nothing, turning our attention away from the battle to the easy economic issues, and reacting only with press releases and political games.


Dr. Mark Sherwood will not be silent. He is ready to LEAD Oklahoma.


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