Today's broadcast" "Matter Of Life" Producer Tracy Robinson breaks down this groundbreaking film and why its so important everyone understands the battle we are in--the battle for LIFE!
As the leaked document from Justice Alito hit the media, the impact of Roe V Wade and the potential of a post-Roe society is top of the news. It’s essential that Christians know what they believe about the pre-born. Are the unborn one of us? Is the church ready for a post-Roe society?
The new documentary THE MATTER OF LIFE will hit theaters May 16 and 17. The film addresses the issue of abortion through science, philosophy, history, and powerful personal stories.
We know that Clarity Kills Controversy and that's exactly what this film seeks to do.
Knowing that 4 in 10 women who have had abortions attended church in the month they became pregnant, the mission is to reach the Christian audience.
Here is a screening link of THE MATTER OF LIFE for you -


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