Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

When To Wait & When To Go | The Todd Coconato Show

WhenTo Wait & When To Go | The Todd Coconato Show 

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Welcome to today’s episode of the Todd Coconato Show, where we delve into one of the most essential topics for any believer: discerning when to wait and when to move forward. Today, we’re exploring this critical question from a biblical perspective, providing you with the insights and guidance necessary to understand when it’s crucial to patiently wait on the Lord and when it’s time to step ahead in victory.

We'll discuss the signs and signals from Scripture that help us recognize God's timing, share stories that highlight the powerful outcomes of both waiting and moving at God's command, and offer practical advice to apply these lessons in your daily walk with Christ. Whether you're standing at a crossroads in your personal life, career, or ministry, today’s show is tailored to help you make decisions aligned with God’s will, ensuring that you’re moving in the right direction—whether that means holding still in faithful anticipation or advancing boldly in triumph. Join us as we unpack these vital truths, ensuring you’re equipped to follow God’s leading in every aspect of your life.


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